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Product Engineering Design&Development.

If you just have sketch or ID design of products,but have no manufacturable 3D model or 2D drawing, Our engineer could help you make manufacturable 3D model design for easy prototyping. We Design and develop product for Manufacturability and production in China, so with our design, the product will be easy to make prototype and production in China.

Rapid Prototype

Rapid prototype is an essential tool to ensure all parties(Such as marketing,ID design, NPD,ect) in a company have a clear understanding of the product design and manufacturability. With a rapid prototype, you could reduce manufacturing errors and save time and money.

. We offer the following rapid prototype services, for details, pls click the left menu.

  • CNC Machining--- Metal and Plastic CNC machining...
  • Clear Parts--- Acrylic/ Polycarbonate highly polished fully transparent parts ...
  • Precision Parts---Small batch production of precision machined components
  • Vaccum Castings--- Reproduce the prototypes with original color, texture and geometries from master model and components ...
  • Sheetmetal Fabrication---Laser cutting, staking, stamping to make a part by sheetmetal...
  • Coating&Finishing---Polishing,Painting,Printing, ect...
  • "Works like, looks like" prototype---We provide small lot prototype with full function and full appearance same as real product.

Rapid Tooling

For Low volume custom-made part or product, we could use our rapid tooling process to shorten the leadtime and save tooling cost.