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Product Design

If you just have sketch or ID design of products,but have no manufacturable 3D model or 2D drawing, Our engineer could help you make manufacturable 3D model design for easy prototyping. We Design and develop product for Manufacturability and production in China, so with our design, the product will be easy to make prototype and production in China.

Mechanical Design

Our engineering staff can work with your Marketing & Engineering departments to co-develop products in accordance with your Product Specifications. We can work from existing engineering files, or from a simple solid model of the desired product, and create all of the engineering files for piece parts and the assembled product, as well as create a Bill-of-Materials.

We use the following software in our engineering department for mechanical product:

Phino SolidWorks Pro-E AutoCAD

Electronic Design

If there are electronic portion in a product, we could work with our cooperated engineers to design Electronic Circuit and Single Chip Micyoco(SCM).
Once the product engineering deisign is complete, we could make functional rapid prototypes for User studies, and for functional testing prior to product tooling.

Our main objective is to help you save time and money, so that you can put your products to market as soon as possible within budget.